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News of a death
Travels faster
no matter the distance,
But Heroes' death
travels at the speed of light.
The news was shocking!
The taste unpleasant!
There was sudden scream,
Then a crack in the sky,
Then total silence.
The wind brings home
The unpalatable news
From Nairobi, where it happened:
a bone was broken;
a rib was ripped apart;
a life was lost!
I have come home
But not with a pleasant news
Not a tale from the hunters,
Who tell the tales of their adventures;
yet something similar:
broken scars and frozen smiles!
But first give me seat,
Then water
and let me break the silence
that will break your ears
and your hearts.
The feeble hearted must exit,
the children must join
If I must tell you....
The Good Old Professor,
The Scholar,
The Diplomat....
Had joined the ancestors involuntarily!
Babaa, babaa, babaa nami....
fometorwo, mia woe se nyavor!