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Regulate Private Schools

Establishment of private schools is on the increase especially in the area of basic school. Some of these schools are not running the GES curriculum but UK and US.  It is one business venture a lot of people are venturing into as it is easy to make money. The growth in this sector may be good for our education system as it affords parents alternatives to choose from. However, it appears they are not being regulated effectively enough. They have been left entirely in the hands of their owners. Some are operating without license.  
When the president, in his first state of the of the nation’s address, indicated that Free SHS policy would start in September for the 2017/18 academic year, private schools are calling for inclusion in the intended policy. In as much as I think they should be granted some incentives in the policy, they must not forget that are into business.
Their activities are not supervises effectively so they do everything and get away with it. The private schools charg…

The Menace of ‘Okada’ Riders

A motorcycle is a two - or three-wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycle design varies greatly to suit a range of different purposes: long distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport including racing, and off-road riding. – Wikipedia.
The use of motorcycle for commercial activities especially commuting passengers known as ‘okada’ has come to stay even though it’s in clear violation of the laws of Ghana. When it first surfaced, it received some amount of objection especially from the Ghana Police Service which tried to even enforce a section of our laws that prohibits the use of the motorbike for commercial purposes. The police argued that if motorbikes should be allowed to operate commercial activities, then that piece of the legislation must be amended to that effect.
This issue ended up in Parliament and parliamentarians were even divided over whether or not ‘okada’ should be allowed to operate commercially. While a section was for, another section was against. That notwithstanding, pa…

Military Intervention Strategy Undermines AU and UN Charters

It is said that the worst form of democracy is ten times better than military rule. In the same vein, others can also say it is better for people to coexist under dictatorial regime than imposition of democracy through military interventions that leave so much devastation. In other words, the worst form of dictatorship is better than military intervention. It is debatable. Each state or country in Africa and elsewhere in the world is considered sovereign. Therefore, intervening militarily in the affairs of a country violates the very principle of state sovereignty.
In the past couple of years, Africa has seen military interventions to oust sitting presidents who have lost in an election but have refused to hand over power or overthrow leaders that are considered tyrant. The countries that quickly come to mind are Libya and Cote D’Ivoire. In the case of Libya and Iraq, the intervention was not due to election dispute. Leaders of those countries were considered tyrants and dictators wh…