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Seal the Leaking Tax Basket to Save the Taxes

Payment and collection of tax is very important in the development of a country. It is the only way government raises money to fund development projects.
Quite of recent, the government sought to widen the tax net in order to raise enough revenue to fund development needs of the people. The opposition was opposed to the introduction of new taxes. They explained that the Ghanaian is being over burden with too many taxes. In fact I agreed with the opposition's stand. 
Here is my reason for agreeing with the opposition. The 'pockets' into which the taxes are being collected are 'torn' and therefore cannot keep good account of what has been collected. This is what is happening to the taxes the poor man pays everyday. If you are in this situation, where the taxes that are collected cannot be accounted for as it only find their ways into private pockets, how can you have enough to expend on projects?
In view of that, I have always maintained that the solution to the pr…

Power Crisis Is Not New; Stop Playing Politics With It!

The power crisis that is facing the country currently is not new. It did not start with this administration. It started long ago. But a lot of impression has been created to suggest that it's new. That is unfortunate!
In Ghana, everything is about politics. We eat and drink politics everyday. Every national issue that confronts us as a nation, have often been politicized. That is why a concrete solution has not been found to the problem of power. 
During the administration of the main opposition party, we had problem with power. And the current administration at the time took serious issues with it. That administration did little to solve it. In fact, administration after administration have failed woefully to tackle the problem.
If you allow a sore to fester, it attracts a lot of flies and that is exactly what is happening now at the power sector.
A lot of promises have been made by this government. We have heard fine words and text on countless occasions. In fact, when it comes…

Interesting Admission Mr Speaker! What Next?

I did not hear it from the third person. I heard him addressing the Parliamentary Press Corps. And I think his admission was interesting. So I ask: What next, Mr Speaker?
He spoke about the fact that Ghanaian politics has been monetized to the extent that electorates demand money before voting for their members of Parliament.
The Speaker of Ghana's Parliament also said that the constituents have been making so much demand of them thereby putting so much financial constraints on them (MPs). Na who cause am?
In fact I do not expect this to be coming from the Speaker, not even from an MP. Why do you create a situation only to turn around and complain about it.
The electorate cannot be blamed for any of the things the Speaker had complained about. The MPs (politicians) are to blame in any case. The politicians have taken voters for granted for far too long. They know they have constituents only when elections are coming.
Politicians often mount platforms shouting on roof tops and mak…

Fumes and Fight

The Fuss About Our Education