Power Crisis Is Not New; Stop Playing Politics With It!

The power crisis that is facing the country currently is not new. It did not start with this administration. It started long ago. But a lot of impression has been created to suggest that it's new. That is unfortunate!

In Ghana, everything is about politics. We eat and drink politics everyday. Every national issue that confronts us as a nation, have often been politicized. That is why a concrete solution has not been found to the problem of power. 

During the administration of the main opposition party, we had problem with power. And the current administration at the time took serious issues with it. That administration did little to solve it. In fact, administration after administration have failed woefully to tackle the problem.

If you allow a sore to fester, it attracts a lot of flies and that is exactly what is happening now at the power sector.

A lot of promises have been made by this government. We have heard fine words and text on countless occasions. In fact, when it comes to fine words and text, I will give it to this administration. From the president down to his appointees, are very good at this. As for the numerous excuses, the least said about it the better!

We have heard quite a number of excuses - starting with the damage caused to the West Africa Gas Pipeline, break down of certain plants, etc, etc, and that fueling plants with diesel is so expensive and that the gas project the government was undertaking was going to come on stream to solve the problem. The scheduled date for the completion of that project had been changed so many times! I mean, what is it that we haven't been told in this country about the power problem? In fact I have lost count of those excuses...

If indeed the things they claimed they are doing are anything to go by, why are we still where we are? 

I have heard some people chastised the main opposition for embarking on demonstration on the incessant power cuts that is affecting every one. Yes, the opposition has no moral right to do so. I agree. Because they were faced with the same problem. They did a number of things in the short term to deal with the problem. If long terms plans were factored into the short term ones, I think we would not have been where we are today. And this is what the current administration claims they are doing. Well, we wait to see.

A former minister under the opposition's regime said something which is of high interest to me. He said if you are a caretaker of a child or an orphaned child, it does not make you a parent of that child. Perfect! Interesting! But we do know a child under such situation would recognize the care giver more than the real parents. However, the two parties deserve some amount of credit though whichever way you look at it. But if the parent is actually alive and not dead as it were, then it's clear case of irresponsibility!

Did you hear the Prez addressed Ghanaians in the Gambia? He said something that intrigued me. He was reported to have said that every Ghanaian has more than one mobile phones as being one of the causes of our power problem. He was also quoted to have said the phones we have are even more than the population of Ghana. Eeeii...Mr Prez, can you please come again? In any case, how much units of power does those phones, now called YAM, consume? The politicians are the ones who use sophisticated phones, iPads, Tablets, and the likes. They use power consuming electrical gadgets in their homes. And now he wants to blame the ordinary Ghanaian for the power problem. 

I am not an expert so I want someone to quantify this form me: supposing every Ghanaian has more than one 'yam' (phone), let's say two on the average, how much units of power could it have drawn on the national grid so as to cause DUMSOR? I think the Prez goofed in this assessment and submission.

What we are facing today in terms of power cuts is simply the issue of demand and supply. The population of Ghana has increased and so the demand for power has. And for me I think our leaders lack foresight. If they have foresight, they would have anticipated this problem knowing very well it's something that has been recurring and thereby put in place long term plans that meet the demand and supply issue.I mean, put strategies in place so that as soon as you assume office, you start work vigorously and not wait until the problem starts beckoning before you go fishing for solution. That should be the mark of serious government.

I said it before that the construction of Bui dam, for me, was a misplaced priority. That dam has been built but cannot operate at full capacity due to the water level in the dam. Akosombo is hydro power just as Bui. We depend on the rains which we have no control over. And instead of finding a way of channeling that water from Bui into the Akosombo dam so that all the turbines can run at full capacity, we chose to Bui another one. 

Again, poor maintenance culture is also another cause of the power problem. Thorough and frequent maintenance of any machine is what is required to keep it running efficiently. No wonder we hear frequent break down of that machine or the other. 

In fact, leadership has failed this country! We now elect leaders who have so much to acquire for themselves as against the country. That is why we are where we are. And until we begun voting on issues and not along party lines or personalities, we can never get out of the mess that has engulfed us as a country!

I have made up my mind and don't really care which party comes into power so long as there will be  improvement in my livelihood.


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