The Woes of the Ghanaian Voter

The Ghanaian voter has to wake up early dawn to join a very long winding queue in order to register.
He/she has to endure the harsh weather conditions of scorching sun or rain...
He/she has to remain on feet as long as it takes to have his turn to register...
After going through all these, he/she has to wait patiently until it's time to cast ballot to choose who rules this country...
And when it’s time to cast the ballot to choose who rules this country

The poor voter would have to remain on his/her feet for hours to cast the ballot

Again in the harsh weather conditions – be it sunny or rainy

When the politician comes to cast his ballot or even register his name as a voter

He has the audacity to jump the queue…

Apart from being brutalized by macho men and intimidation from security forces

Just to exercise his/her civil right

After enduring all these, someone would want to change the verdict of the people

Then the winner turns round to insult the poor voter that he lacks skills or do not qualify or being simply lazy that’s why he can’t find job to do from the many imaginary available jobs

The politicians can go to the house of the voter and begged for his vote

The politician can call the voter anytime to remind him of how his vote can make a change

When the politician wins eventually, he assumes the status of first citizen

He has to be protected…he can no longer answer phone calls from the voter…the road to the house of the voter ceases to exist and only resurfaces when the next election beckons…

Now the table has turned…the poor voter has to book appointment to call the politician…the poor voter has to go through lots of bureaucratic scrutiny to see the politician in rare cases

So you must know that the politician is only interested in your vote…anything having to do with you beyond that is none of his business!

Then I ask: Why must you vote at all? The answer as is always trumpeted is that if you don’t vote, others will decide who rules over you. Then I say: do I even care! There is nothing more painful to entrust your power to a trusted person and have him/her abuse it! But if I didn’t go through any of the excruciating frustrations to elect someone to go and mess up or misbehave, at least I won’t feel anything to close to disappointment. I’ll seek comfort in the fact that after all I didn’t waste my time in the long queue, in the scorching sun or beaten by the rain!



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