Is the World Watching the US?

Is the world watching the attempts being made by the U.S to 'attack' North Korea over the alleged nuclear ambition?

Former leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussain, was accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction which later turned out to be untrue. U.S attacked that country and the repercussions are still there for us to see.

Are we going to see the same thing repeated in North Korea?
I hope the UN is watching and would remain quiet as usual because it receives most of its funding from the US. Perhaps the UN has failed the world!

Assad of Syria was accused of using chemical weapon on his own people when it was reported that the said weapon including others have been surrendered. Yet US went ahead to launch missiles attack on Syria killing innocent civilians.

Does it mean that the US has the right to kill wherever and whenever it can? And when others do same, then it becomes an issue of crimes against humanity?

In any case, what constitutes 'crime against humanity?' Is it when a leader kills his own people? And when external forces enter another country to kill its citizens; how do we term it?


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