Dumsor Tarriffs Lack Sense

Sometimes, it is very difficult to tell what public office holders make of the masses.

Even in the face of dumsor you still have the moral right to increase tariffs to this level! 

For me, this does not make any sense at all. It is a gross expression of insensitivity to the masses.

In fact, tariffs have been increased against the will of the masses all in the name of improving the supply of power and water on many occasions. But the situation has not changed at all! It has gone from bad to worse yet we are being forced to pay higher tariffs.

How long are we going to pay for the inefficiency of those who have been put in public offices to manage our affairs?  Couldn't the increment have been put on hold until something is done about the current terrible dumsor situation? I think that would have been morally acceptable! This is how it is done around the world where the masses matter.



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