Any Lesson Learnt From Presidential Press Corps' Accident?

Vehicular accident can occur due to mechanical fault or reckless driving. Whereas the latter is highly avoidable, the former is mostly unforeseen!
Samuel Nuamah, a member of the Presidential Press Corps and a reporter with 'The Ghanaian Times' lost his life when the vehicle on board which they were travelling was involved in a fatal accident causing serious injuries to his other colleagues.
According to media reports, the bus they were traveling aboard was a hired one. As has become the norm in Ghana, people are calling for investigations into the cause of the accident.  
The call for investigations into the cause of the accident is a good one in that, it is going to ascertain those who were involved in choosing that particular vehicle; the factors that were considered in choosing the said vehicle which probably would span the rate (cost), road-worthiness - mechanical issues like the tyres; and the experience of the driver amongst others. The investigation probably would establish whether or not the said vehicle was supposed to be part of the Presidential convoy on their return. I do not hope to see any significant action taken against those who may have been found to have not done enough due diligence for I know this doesn't happen in Ghana!
Having said that, I am not very conversant with the means of transportation that other PPCs use around the world. But having seen Prez. Obama visited Ghana, I am not sure those vehicles they used during the visit were hired. I may be wrong though. But I think, just as those working at the Presidency are using very good vehicles, whether acquired by the state or privately owned, the state must provide the PPC with a much more safer vehicle for undertaking such important assignments.
The state must shoulder this responsibility of providing a safe vehicle for PPC. And equally important, they must always be part of the Presidential convoy. Even if there are no known best practices around the world in this regard, it won't be out of place to start one. We shouldn't be only interested in copying from others.
I hope lessons have been learnt by those at the helm of affairs. We don't want to lose another journalist.


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