Ghana, The New Haven for Ex-Al Queda Detainees?

Let me start with this chiasmus in one of Bob Marley's songs: 'Your worst enemy could be your best friend; and your best friend your worst enemy.'
Accepting to keep former Guantanamo Detainees from US is simply a clear case of the fact that our current leadership has completely lost sense of responsibility!
In fact, I think it is the worst form of disservice any government can ever do to its people!
By that single act, we have exposed Ghana and that can make us become a target. The consequences may not come now, trust me, but we will see it in the long term.
I just want to ask these few questions:
Which criteria was used in deciding to resettle those guys in Ghana?
Is there any economic benefit attached to it? If yes, can Ghanaians be told about the benefits? In any case, we value our peace more than the supposed benefits if there is any at all.
Do we have the surveillance system to monitor those guys? And let me say here that, our border systems and other points of entry are very porous! We do not have any proper system of identification and there are foreigners living in Ghana without or with poor documentations.
Can't the US which has the best of surveillance system keep those guys there?
Why do they want another country to keep those guys?
Do we have the economic wherewithal to take care of those distressed people from other countries the government has agreed to keep in Ghana?
I still don't know why Ghana was chosen or has accepted the offer but the earlier that decision is reversed, the better for the relative peace we have enjoyed as a country!
We are well aware what the U.S and its allies have done around the world. They may not use the same method they have successfully used elsewhere. So we need to be worried about this kind of gesture coming from them. Should things ever go wrong, this government will permanently remain in the wrong book of Ghanaians!
We cannot afford to risk our own security which is so paramount to our common good at any cost, in order to please the U.S. That must not happen!


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