The Hypocrisy in The Ghanaian Politics

Politics of division is  not new. It is very common at all levels within and without all the political parties we have in Ghana. And so for one to speak as though politics of division is so new to the Ghanaian politics, is a clear hypocrisy!
There is no sanity in our politics. We have seen gruesome manifestation of politics of division all around us spearheaded by our political actors. It has not started with the sitting President and it will not stop with him! It will certainly outlive him.
So it has become a reality that we either have to embrace or annihilate completely from our politicking. But it will be very very difficult because tribal factors have always influenced the outcome of our elections.
In fact, our politics is so bad to the extent that the health status of opponents have become a new trend in our politics. It has come to be accepted however very worrisome.
In the run up to the 2008 elections, the health status of the late President Prof. JEA Mills (RIP) became a serious campaign issue that generated so much political capital. Almost every political opponents decided to take a bite. Rumours of his death were announced intermittently. Some of us felt very sad at the development.
Take it or leave it; Ghanaian politics is not focused on issues. It is more about personality , ethnicity and health of contestants. When it started with late Mills, we never had the courage to speak against. We thought it was all about him. If we had done so, we wouldn't have been here today.
One won't be wrong to say that some of our Ghanaian politicians are simply lazy. Here is why: if you take a look around the world, people are engaged in politics that is issue-focused. They don't dwell on persons of others. They do research and they know what the issues are. But it is the exact opposite in Ghana. In order not to appear as though they don't have campaign message, they pick on a few issues but devote the greater part of their time to engage in personality attacks. It's sad, you know. So if you see any politician attacking the person of others, #tag him as a #lazy #politician.
We have often seen responsible leaders make very ethnocentric and derogatory statements that ought to have been condemned outright but that never happened. Instead, we hailed them as heroes. If we hail one person, then we must be ready to hail others for making such statements too. Otherwise, the impression that would be created is that, some people are more qualified to make such statements and get away with it than the rest of us. In any case, what does one gain from making ethnocentric statements? Is their any value associated with it? Well, I guess there is.
So, can any party, especially the NPP and NDC claim a clean sheet? Obviously, as much as both are liable, one party is ahead of the other but each carries a dented sheet! And it is difficult for one to teach the other good morals. If one person has stolen a goat and the other has stolen a tuber of yam, they're both thieves. It matters not the strategies involved or the item. So let's call spade a spade and stop the hypocrisy which has nothing to benefit us!
This is just the beginning. Very soon, we shall see them jumping at each other's throat. But don't forget to put the lazy tag on those who are engaged in that.


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