Divided Voices

Suddenly, after the cracks from guns
and reverberating sounds from grenades
in France,
We have found voice to condemn terrorism.

Yes...because it happened in Europe
And those that happen almost on daily basis elsewhere - Nigeria, Kenya, Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc - really do not matter! Seen the hypocrisy?

Suddenly, we have realised the need for solidarity to fight terrorism...
And I dare say the fight will only take place in the West and Europe. They will not take it to Africa or Asia or the Middle East - the third world countries.

That solidarity and fight against terrorism will never happen in Africa.
Those who have created it, resourced it, manipulated it with their divided voices and want the world to be what it is today,
turn round to condemn  it.

If you try creating problem for your enemy, you end up creating it for all including your own self.
This is the reality we must confront!


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