Importation of S.A-3Justification Needless!

The attempt by the NPP to justify its decision to bring in security experts from outside to train security details for their flag bearer does not speak well of them. Making references to the two ex-Gitmos and the error-ridden brochure as a way justify their action is neither here nor there! In any case, the reason for the public outcry over the presence of the two Gitmos in Ghana simply has to do with the threat  (in terms of external attack) they pose to the country and I am not sure any law has been broken in that arrangement by the government. As for the error-ridden brochure is simply irrelevant to this matter.

Has the NPP forgotten they are government in waiting? Are they, by this action, suggesting to Ghanaians that they would have no issue at all if the NDC in opposition had done so? The NPP came into power in 2000; the question I want to ask is that was it the same arrangement they followed? If not, why this time? If a government in waiting can import external security experts, what would they do when they come into power? Because their action obviously suggests that they don't trust Ghanaians and the institutions mandated by law to undertake such exercises!

So does it mean when they come into power they would sack all the members of the security forces because they are deemed to be appendages of the NDC governement? I really  don't think so?

I think this is purely a case of breach of a section of the law which prohibits any such arrangement. So let's allow the law to be exhaustively explored.

Dr Kwame Nkrumah was given all sorts of names for some of his actions but he never brought in security details from outisde to protect him.

I think we need to call spade a spade!


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