There have been two main incessant calls on the Electoral Commission of Ghana: one has to do with the cleaning of the electoral roll and the other is to elaborately explain to Ghanaians its relationship with Superlock Technologies Limited (STL). These two issues for all intents and purposes, are to the very heart of the 2016 general elections and must not be underestimated for whatsoever ‘justifiable’ reason there is that is not in the best interest of Ghanaians.

These calls are coming from some pro-political party pressure groups as well as some civil society organisations. Irrespective of the political lineage of these groups, their views represent those of majority of Ghanaians and cannot be played into the gallery.

The EC may feel it’s an autonomous institution and therefore must not be compelled to toe the line of any grouping that calls on it to address obvious legitimate issues pertaining to its activities. As the 2016 general elections are drawing near, the pressure appears to be mounting on the EC to take steps to address those pressing issues that have remained a thorn in its flesh. It, however, appears to some of us the EC is adamant!

Despite the constitutional mandate of the EC, it’s reasonable to balance the increasing public sentiments against its mandate and strike a balance.  For every Ghanaian knows the stakes are quite high in this year’s elections! Once the stakes are so high, every political party would want to exploit any loophole in the system to its advantage. In fact they would want to make excuse of something. This creates room for any party to cry foul simply because of the lingering issues that would have remained unresolved prior to the elections.

The EC must understand that it’s only one Ghana we have. It should not create room for this country to be thrown into chaos because of its perceived actions and inactions. The NPP has remained suspicious about the activities of the EC. And for this country to remain peaceful depends largely on the EC. Any party that may feel cheated relative to the lingering issues is likely to foment trouble. I need not remind you of the Supreme Court case. But I can remind you about the fact that the NPP led by Sammy Awuku massed up a very large crowd around the offices of the STL when it emerged at the time that STL was doing some work for the EC. It took the goodwill of the ex-President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo to allay the fears of the crowd who eventually dispersed.

It’s therefore extremely important for the EC to clean the electoral roll and also offer an unambiguous adequate explanation on its relationship with STL so that everyone can accept the outcome of the 2016 elections without qualms. If there should be any doubt about the outcome of the elections at all, it shouldn’t, for heaven’s sake, have anything to do with the lingering issues! The EC must act now! It’s in its best interest to do so…




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