The Devil in Ghana's Taxation

It is said that when a fool is squandering his gold, he blames it on his scale being out of order.
I have no degree in Economics, Energy or governance. But I know certain things just require simple logic. It is said in my language that one does not go to the wrong place to find solution to a specific problem.
I read a news article in which the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations was reported to have said that the government would not be able to fix the recurrent power problem facing the country without imposition of more taxes.
I completely disagreed because there is nothing or very insignificant to show for the taxes that have been collected over the years for the same purpose!
In fact I have resisted the urge to comment on this subject because singing the same chorus has always created boredom for the ear. Some time back in 2015, I wrote an article on this excessive imposition of taxes on the already overburdened taxpayer. It is for this reason I feel reluctant to write again having to virtually repeat the same chorus.
In another news report, a government official also sought to warn Ghanaians not to ask of government for development projects if they are not willing to pay more taxes to that effect. I vehemently disagreed!
No long talking, my readers. These two public officials have no case at all. The solution as I have said in my previous articles on other social networking platforms regarding tax, lies in the ability of government to ensure that government and its officials seal or sew up their torn pockets that never get full. This is the solution! The devil is the torn pockets that keep devouring our taxes.
When you have a torn pocket and you keep filling it with money, there will be nothing left for you to embark on development projects. This is the kind of situation we have in Ghana. And therefore, no amount of tax imposed on the Ghanaian will be enough. That wise, the government becomes Oliver Twist.
A lot of revenue is realized from road tolls every month but where do we find the larger chunk of that money?
Prices of crude oil have fallen below $40, forcing governments around world to reduce fuel prices or at least keep them at their current levels but it is the exact opposite in the case of Ghana. I think something is seriously wrong with our leaders! I undoubtedly think so.
Stop stealing our money and there will be more than enough to develop the country and spare us the rhetoric.


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