Mr President, Could You Please Come Again?

"VRA owes virtually every bank in Ghana and needs help to repay its debts. I don't have that money. If did, I would pay. Since we all use the power, we should contribute something small. I don't see that we have done anything wrong.

I'm not here to make popular decisions. If that were the case, our nation would be in the ground by now." -President Mahama.

I can't believe this is coming from the president. He may have sounded sincere to some of us but not some of us. Frankly, I am surprised.

Here are my reasons:

How did the debts arise in the first place?

Obviously if you climb a tree, you don't begin to look for different ways to come down except the same way you climbed up. So I believe the VRA knows this just as the president, I guess.

And what time frame are we looking at to finish paying up the debts so that we wouldn't be shortchanged? We need clarity on this.

And would the new taxes be removed from our neck once we pay up the debts?

But I still don't know why should we be made to pay. Of course we are very law abiding and obedient people and have always paid for all the inefficiencies and ineptitude of our public office holders. However, it is extremely worrying where there seem to be no end to this trend. How long are we going to be overburdened with payment of taxes, especially the new ones?

The fact that the VRA owes almost every bank in Ghana does not mean new taxes should be imposed on us simply because they produce the power we consume. This is not acceptable! It is a very bad precedence being set by the president!

So what the president is saying is that, anytime a public corporation is in 'financial distress', for reasons/causes only God knows, we should be made to pay?

If we don't discourage this gesture, we are going to have a situation where state-owned companies would deliberately be run down because Ghanaians would pay.

Truth, they say, hurts. But the truth as the president wants us to buy into is farfetched. I think the president should give us a better excuse. The reason that has informed this decision to impose new taxes on us is not tangible! You cannot eat your cake and have it. We need a more tangible one, Mr President.



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