Rescue My Land

We have found a new land -

Not entirely a new one though:

One that has been there before us

One that has been dissipated

One that has been decapitated

One in which our leaders are in bed

With wanton corruption - they breathe corruption, drink corruption and live a lifestyle of corruption,

One in which they have raped our resources, and they have ripped us apart slaughtering our hopes, denying us a better future.

Yet they keep calling us the future of our great nation - a complete irony!

Yes, we are the doubt...yet we have tools and skills that we cannot apply

We have too many hands chasing after much fewer jobs, much fewer opportunities

The privileged ones have always been given better chances over unprivileged ones in the quest for jobs, education…


Now the time has come for us to fight

A fight that won't come easy...

We will have hyenas by the way

We will walk through the thorns

We will see wolves cladded in sheep clothing

We will be persecuted

We will be insulted

We will be attacked

We will be intimidated

They will be intolerant of what we say and demand

They will abuse the laws of the land

Each time we rise to fight

To get us arrested

We will be jailed

But we shall not give up in this new struggle

A struggle that will see faint-hearted fall back

Yet we must redeem our land from its impoverished state

from wreckers and looters!


We must not submit to any pressure

But we must mount much more pressure at all times with our little voices,

Yes, we must arise to defend the cause of justice

We must not allow them to continue to feed on our backs and toils,

We must not allow them to lick our wounds,

We must no longer tighten our belts and have them loosen theirs

We must not allow their sweet words to sink into our minds

We must not allow them to show us the lizard-faeces-state of our land

We must discover for ourselves

A nation that offers equal opportunity to all.

Power must exchange hands!


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