PURC Lacks Credibility

I think about a year or so ago, utility providers and I mean ECG in particular, made a case for upward adjustments in the electricity tariff through the Public Utility Regulations Commission (PURC). And the argument for the increment in tariffs was that they were going to improve the quality of service and supply of power. The head of Public Affairs at the PURC was on radio insisting that the proposal should be accepted by the power consumers if indeed they wanted reliable power supply. She went further to explain that if consumers needed reliable power supply then they must be ready to pay realistic tariffs. As to what 'realistic tariff' is, I have no idea!
Not quite after the new tariffs were approved, the country sank into recurrent power cuts. And then there was another excuse to that effect. The excuse was that, some consumers have been stealing the power through illegal connections. So the PURC again had to adjust the tariffs once more to take care of the losses being incurred by the power producers even though the problem with power supply (dum_sor) was reaching its acme. This was done faithfully!
Now the case for 100% increment in tariffs is to cater for the high cost of production even in the face of the challenges regarding the supply of power. Even if I don't see light for a week or more, I have to pay 100% increment in tariff? And as usual Ghanaians, being peace loving people will faithfully pay as they cannot reject the said increment that is looming and staring at them in the face! How incredible!!
For how long are Ghanaians going to continue to pay for inefficiency that has characterized such institutions like ECG and the likes? How long are we going to carry this burden on a neck that has already been over-burdened?
 See, there is no logic in putting money into a pocket that is torn at the  bottom, and keep expecting it to ever get full! This is the cancer most of our public institutions are suffering from. And the simple cure is to sew up the leaking bottom and you can be sure to save some money!
The illegal connections can be checked and stopped through effective monitoring and supervision. Those who have used the power but  have failed to pay up can be cut off. I am not an energy expert but this is certainly my opinion. I have not defended any thesis on energy at any level - be it first #degree or #masters or #PhD. And I believe we have a lot of them but our problems regarding energy and #power have remained the same!


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